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How PlowMe Works

Browse Rates
& Availability

Search for a snow plowing route in your area.


Tailor your needs from available extras like deicing and shoveling.

Reserve Your

Like buying a train ticket -- for your home.

Make Winter Less Hectic

Alerts & ETA's

Stay up-to-date during a snow event, with text or email alerts.

Emergency Fill-ins

The power of a network: if a truck fails, another provider picks up your route.

Flexible, Transparent

No one likes surprises to the wallet. If you ever feel mistreated, let us know and we'll fix it.

Customers & Contractors

  • Ted Akrivlellis
    AK Property Care

    “Wow—this is modern, slick and adapts to my business. Well done, guys.”

  • Peter Bishop
    Ground Effects Landscaping

    “I can see this being the standard for snow & ice management, from the big nationals all the way to the solo guy.”

  • Aaron Smith
    S&D Snowblowing

    “We live in a service economy, and this is the future for route-based businesses.”

  • Rick Laviska
    RCL Landscaping

    “Love how easy it is to create offers, and frankly, how you don't get in between me and my customers.”

  • Ryan Wikman

    “You guys rock. This solves a big headache for us.”

  • George Houston
    GH Landscape Maintenance

    “Both PlowMe and ServiceRoute are awesome and have meant so much for my business.”

  • Brandon Fusaro
    Twins Lawn Service

    “We've all seen business lost because it wasn't easy to contract for service. This solves that—and a ton more.”

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